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bullet Behavioral neurogenetics consulting
bullet Protocol development for mouse behavioral models
bullet Experimental design
bullet Statistics, data analysis, interpretation, and reporting
bullet On-site setup of equipment and procedures
bullet Assistance in implementing behavioral phenotyping services
bullet Assistance in designing and equipping behavioral testing facilities
bullet Recruitment of scientific as well as support and technical personnel


bullet On-site personnel training (behavioral phenotyping, data analysis, etc.), contact us
bullet Getting it published. An on-site 4-5 hour course in which our Chief Consultant Wim Crusio, using his extensive experience as author and editor, provides training in effectively writing manuscripts, communicating with authors and referees, etc. If desired, this course can be adapted to the presentation of scientific data in oral communications and posters. Suited for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty. The course can be presented in English, German, French, or Dutch (slides in English)
bullet Standards for the publication of mouse mutant studies. In 2009, Genes, Brain and Behavior published guidelines for mouse mutant studies (since also adopted by other journals) and manuscripts that do not adhere to these standards are returned to authors without review. In this 1-2 hour lecture (depending on existing levels of expertise), Founding Editor-in-Chief Wim Crusio will present and explain these guidelines and present good-practice standards for the conduct of mouse mutant studies. (Note: this presentation is of interest to anyone using mutant mice, not just behavioral and neural geneticists). Presentation is possible in English, German, French, or Dutch (slides in English)

Testing apparatus:

bullet Radial mazes. Tired of using standard commercial radial mazes conceived by people who do not really understand mouse behavior? We can help you obtain state-of-the-art custom-build radial mazes specifically designed to test spatial learning abilities in mice. Please contact us.
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