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Wim E. Crusio, Chief Consultant
Our chief consultant, Wim E. Crusio, has over 40 years of experience in mouse behavioral neurogenetics and the phenotyping of mouse behavior, ranging from locomotor activity and exploration, anxiety, social behavior and aggression, to different types of learning and memory. His recent research interests cover mouse models of depression, autism, and Fragile X Syndrome. His research has been published in over 150 articles in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. He is a co-founder and Past-President of the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society and founded and edited the foremost journal in the field of behavioral neurogenetics, Genes, Brain and Behavior. Dr. Crusio has worked in The Netherlands, Germany, and the US and is currently a Research Director with the French National Research Council (CNRS) in Bordeaux. For a detailed curriculum vitae, please click here.

Dr. Crusio can be found on Twitter and regularly blogs on science-related topics (Science and Fiction).


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