J.H.F. van Abeelen (1936-1998)

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1963: Twelfth International Congress of Genetics, The Hague, The Netherlands

Sitting on first row: first from left: Alie Koopmans, second: C.L.Rümke (Chairman Organizing Committee), third: E. Hadorn (President of the Congress), fourth: HM Queen Juliana of The Netherlands, fifth: M.J. Sirks (Honorary President of the Congress), sixth: .W.Boyes, seventh: Janny M. van den Brink. Standing: second row, first from left: F.H. Sobels, second: Pontecorvo (?), middle (in white traditianal Indian garb): J.B.S. Haldane, left from him Stern (?), Demerec (?), second from right, J.H.F. van Abeelen (second secretary of the Organizing Committee), last person: Michaelis(?). Third row, first from left: G.A. van Arkel.

Sitting on first row: First from left: S.J. Geerts, middle, HM Queen Juliana of The Netherlands. Standing: second row, middle (in white traditianal Indian garb) J.B.S. Haldane. Second from right, J.H.F. van Abeelen. See also photograph above.

Upper row: third from left, J.H.F. van Abeelen. Lower row, second from left: F.H. Sobels

The "Ridderzaal" in The Hague (seat of the Dutch Parliament). First from right, J.H.F. van Abeelen

Opening Ceremony, Twelfth International Congress of Genetics, The Hague, The Netherlands. Sitting, first from right, J.H.F. van Abeelen

1972: Table Ronde Roussel, Paris, France

Front row: third from left, M. Hamon (?). Second row from left: 4th, J.-P. Changeux, 7th, R.J. Sidman, 10th, J.H.F. van Abeelen. Back row from left: 2nd, M. Deol; 6th, A. Lomo; 8th, F. Jacob; 9th: B. Kaplan;12th: C. Sotelo (?).

1978: NATO Advanced Study Institute, Banff, Alberta, Canada

First row, sitting on knees, from left: 2nd, J. Klippel; 5th, R. Collins; 8th, D.D. Thiessen; 9th, G. McClearn; 10th, J. DeFries; 11th, J.H.F. van Abeelen; 12th, D. Wahlsten. Second row, sitting, from left: 1st, C. Crawford; 2nd, S. Vandenberg; 8th, R. Rose; 9th., R. Thompson; 10th, K.P. Satinder;13th, J. Streng; 14th, G. Whitney; 15th, S. Maxson. Third row, from left: 2nd, J. Loehlin; 3rd, D. Pauls; 6th, R. Plomin; 7th, J. Royce; 8th, H. Eysenck; 9th, P. Broadhurst; 13th, N. Henderson; 14th, D. Fulker; 15th, J.T. Rick; 16th, A. Zonderman; 18th: D. Hay (?)

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